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Welcome to Weston Driveways
Concrete Pattern Imprinted Driveway Specialists

Based in Huyton, Liverpool

Weston Driveways have experience in concrete pattern imprinted driveways, patios, courtyards, forecourts, paths and car-parks. We have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of our customers needs and wants. We have cared for many satisfied customers and our reputation is set in concrete. Our established business has grown through recommendations of the great work we achieve for our clients.

We use the finest materials, plant and construction methods of the modern day to ensure 100% satisfaction and guarantee that to our customers. Concrete has long been used for road surfaces and driveways but in the 50's the Americans started to develop decorative paving techniques, which at first mimicked individual pavers and more recently became a unique form of hard standing in their own right.

Pattern imprinted concrete as it is known works by stamping moulds and adding colours into in-situ concrete. The system combines colour surface hardeners, release agents and acrylic sealers with three dimensional texturing tools create remarkable designs.

Pattern imprinted concrete can be designed to re-create many effects such as slate, flags, cobbles, granite, and block-pavers. But by using imagination and using several patterns and colours, many special effects or individual creations can be created.

Pattern imprinted concrete is by far the most superior paving system on the market place and with minimal maintenance will last a life time.

Weston Driveways use only the highest quality materials, which conform to British standards. The concrete formulation contains fibre mesh reinforcement and once sealed is 25% harder than standard concrete. That is why we will always recommend pattern imprinted concrete over block paving.

Whether its a pathway, patio or driveway, each one is tailored to your requirements. Imprinted concrete not only looks nice, but it will last you for years to come without weeds growing in it or stains from the car.

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Weston Driveways
103 Rupert Road, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 9TD

Tel: 0151 480 8982 / Mob: 07843 657 422

email: shaunwes68@gmail.com
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follow us on Twitter friend us on Facebook find more info about us on Google+ Contact us Friend us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Find out more info about us Google+ Re-furbs and Re-colours available