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Frequently asked questions
Weston Driveways, based in Huyton, Liverpool

What are the advantages of pattern imprinted concrete over other surfaces?
Pattern imprinted concrete is the only maintnenance free driveway surface available. It is resistant to dirt, weed growth, moss, algae, staining from oil and other fluids and will not fade in sunlight. Also the driveway is laid on a solid four inch sub-base.

How strong is the finished surface?
The concrete is actually a purpose mixed product called fibrecrete. This contains millions of tiny meshed fibres. When the surface is dry, it is 25-30% stronger than traditional concrete. It will comfortably support the largest of motor vehicles, commercial vehicles and caravans.

What colours and patterns are available?
There are literally hundreds of colours and pattern combinations to choose from, which you can view.

How is the price for my drive calculated?
The price for each driveway is calculated by the square metre with any additional extras added.

How will the drainage be affected?
The driveway will be constructed to direct all rainwater to a suitable drainage point. Where the lay of the land dictates that water will be flowing toward your home there are acco and decco drainage channels installed.

How long will the installation take?
Each job is different. As an average the preparation of the drive, excavation, shuttering, fall levels and sub-base takes one to two days. The pouring, colouring and printing of the drive has to be carried out within the day to ensure consistency of surface and finish. The cutting, cleaning and sealing of the new finished surface will also take a further day. In total, weather permitting, the average drive will be complete within the week.

Is it true I have to stay off the drive for a time after it is first finished?
Yes, after the drive is complete the final seal which protects against dirt, weed growth and staining will need time to cure or set. We advise that you should keep vehicles off the drive for a minimum of 48-72 hours. It is perfectly safe to walk on the drive during that time.

How will I get access to my home while the work is in progress?
We will construct a suitable walkway or access point for you. This will give you full access at all times.

There is big drop between my door and the drive, can you build me some steps?
Our engineers are highly skilled craftsmen and they can build square orrounded steps to your specification.

I need a small retaining wall, can you build that too?
Each team has a skilled bricklayer on the crew who will build, remodel or extend any brickwork needed.

There are several manholes on my drive, is this a problem?
We often encounter manholes on the driveways we install. They are reset with a cover which will be printed at the same time as the driveway. There are access lugs on the new cover which allow it to be removed should you need access to the drainage underneath.

I am having new gates fitted, should I have this done before or after the driveway is installed?
We normally prepare and set the base for the new gates before we pour the concrete. This will allow your gate installer to fit the gates after the drive has been completed with no risk of damage to the new surface.

How can I protect my driveway from contractors working on the road or kerb outside?
With each driveway, we install a new kerb edge. This is a solid concrete boundary that seperates your property from that of the council. This new edge will prevent any damage from works being carried out outside your home.

Can I have some decorative features to make my driveway unique?
Of course, you can have decorative circles, inset flower beds, printed features or fancy borders. You name it and we will provide it!

Is there a standard edge or finish to each driveway?
Most driveways have a cobble border. This frames the new surface perfectly and really defines the new driveway.

How do your prices compare?
We are certainly not the cheapest and make no apologies for that. At the same time our prices are always competitive. Our workmanship and your finished driveway will be first rate. You will get exactly what we promise and we will do exactly as we say we will. Your driveway will be excellent value for money and all our work is guaranteed.

Can we see examples of your work for ourselves?
You can view a whole host of our jobs online here at our Gallery page. Alternatively we are more than happy to supply a list of local installations for your inspection.

OK, how can we get a quote?
Call us for a free survey and quotation.

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Weston Driveways
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