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Weston Driveways, based in Huyton, Liverpool

Why Pattern Imprinted Concrete?
When looking to improve your own home or presenting it for sale, the outside appearance of your property has just as much impact as the inside. New kitchens, bathrooms and decoration are all great for indoors. A new pattern imprinted driveway, however, offers the ultimate 'wow factor' and immediate kerb appeal for your home.

The driveway is the first thing you, your guests and your potential buyers will see. A tremendous number of properties look unloved and remain unsold because of a shabby initial appearance. A neat, stylish and lasting driveway will beautify your home instantly.

Pattern imprinted concrete has been used to create stunning driveways and patios for over 50 years. Installed correctly, it has a lasting finish, can give your property a unique and individual look and will last for years.

The concrete comes in a range of colours and styles to perfectly suit your tastes. It is practically maintenance-free and when cleaned and resealed it will maintain its 'just laid' appearance for a lifetime.

Installation is fast and hassle-free. Excavation of the site and preparation for the area to be covered takes less than one day. The laying of the concrete, addition of the colour and imprint for the colour takes around five hours and the sealing of the surface area just a couple of hours more.

Pattern imprinted concrete really is a smart choice. Instant 'kerb appeal', ultra-low maintenance and with a range of patterns and colours to perfectly complement your home. Your driveway will last a lifetime and pay back your investment many times over.

This virtually maintenance free system is ideal for anyone looking to improve the aesthetics of their property and give a long lasting impression.
There are many great reasons to consider imprinted concrete, not only for the lifetime of looks and the easy maintenance, but the reassurance that we have a product that you can trust and rely on.

Driveway Colours & Patio Designs
There are many colours and designs to make your new driveway unique and stand out above the rest. Choosing your pattern and colour couldn't be easier. With experience, our team can advise you of the best colour and design for your driveway.
We will present you with our full range of colours and patterns to choose from.

Surface Treatment
The three main reasons for choosing a new driveway are improved appearance, maintenace-free surface and improved safety. In this respect when all new areas are first laid, they all perform admirably. It is only after you have lived with your new driveway for a period of time that your expectations may be dashed.

All areas exposed to the weather, airborne pollution and continued use will deteriorate. Driveways have the added disadvantage of having to bear several tonnes of weight for each car and the heat generated from tyres and engines. This can tarnish the surface, encourage unwanted moss, weed and algae growth and cause the new driveway paving to become uneven under stress.

Weston Driveways are not only specialists in the installation of new driveways, patios and paving but also are experts in applying the right surface treatments to make your driveway live up to all your expectations.

When installing new driveways or after cleaning existing areas they apply a full range of surface treatments.

To improve appearance: When installing a new driveway or after cleaning, a high gloss sealant is applied. This will maintain the just laid appearance and give instant kerb appeal with a lustrous shine.

Maintenance-free: Weston Driveways recommend pattern imprinted concrete as the premiere material for a new driveway. It will not allow the growth of weeds, requires no ongoing maintenance, is installed with correct fall-lines for drainage and will hold its colour forever.

Safety: All new driveways are coated with a non-slip sealant to provide grip in wet or icy conditions. Also the moss and weed inhibitor will not allow the forming of slippery area common in driveways not exposed to direct sunlight. This seal is also applied to all existing surfaces after cleaning.

For the perfect driveway to fulfill all your expectations or to upgrade your existing installation, call Weston Driveways for a full range of unique surface treatments.

Artificial Turf
We supply and install artificial grass (sometimes called Astro Turf) anywhere in the area. Over time we have undertaken many projects ranging from small back gardens to large sports areas including everything in between. Each project is carefully planned to ensure that our client's individual needs are met. A successful installation requires preparation and attention to detail, we always ensure this is carried out, regardless of size.

We put a great emphasis on excellent service and our overall aim is to continue providing high quality, European manufactured products at competitive rates. We ensure that every job is completed to the high standards that we have set. Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance. We believe that our products sell themselves and we have full confidence that the quality of our products reign supreme.

Why are so many people turning to artificial grass? The advantages, plain and simple. From saving money to saving time, especially on lawn maintenance, and it can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues.

Artificial Grass is specifically designed for residential lawns, urban and commercial landscape design, leisure activities and play grounds. We deliver a revolutionary and wide range of products that is ideal for all your landscaping needs, offering an unmatched combination of beauty, durability, and value!

Our turf looks and feels just like well maintained natural grass all year round even in the harshest of climates. The turf does not burden the owner with any of the little drawbacks associated with natural grass - such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and watering.

Artificial turf hardly needs maintenance. Whereas in summertime natural turf needs maintenance almost every day, you can spend time on other activities instead of having to water or mow the lawn. Also for holiday homes our turf offers a perfect and economic solution, resulting in lower bills from the local service providers.
It's more a matter of keeping clean than maintaining.

For a free survey and quotation, call Weston Driveways today

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Weston Driveways
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